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Amazon India's unit gets $308 million in fresh funds from parent

BENGALURU (Reuters) – Inc has invested 23.10 billion rupees ($308.02 million) in Amazon Seller Services, an Indian unit, strengthening the business at a time when more people shop online in a bid to avoid crowded public places.

Amazon Singapore made a significant portion of financing, data from business intelligence firm Tofler showed.

The company’s Indian arm in May said it would hire 50,000 temporary workers to meet a surge in online shopping in the country.

The company, which competes with Walmart Inc’s Flipkart in India, has also been expanding its seller network in the country.

Indian laws allow foreign e-commerce companies to operate as “market places,” connecting buyers with sellers online.

As India went into lockdown, Amazon encouraged small shops to join as sellers on its platform in a bid to boost local businesses and expand its reach.

Jeff Bezos-led in January announced a $1 billion investment to bring more than 10 million small businesses online in India by 2025.

($1 = 74.9950 Indian rupees)

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Airborne coronavirus: What you should know

NEW YORK (NYTIMES) – The coronavirus can stay aloft for hours in tiny droplets in stagnant air, infecting people as they inhale, mounting scientific evidence suggests.

This risk is highest in crowded indoor spaces with poor ventilation, and may help explain superspreading events reported in meatpacking plants, churches and restaurants.

It’s unclear how often the virus is spread via these tiny droplets, or aerosols, compared with larger droplets that are expelled when a sick person coughs or sneezes, or transmitted through contact with contaminated surfaces, said Dr Linsey Marr, an aerosol expert at Virginia Tech.

Aerosols are released even when a person without symptoms exhales, talks or sings, according to Dr Marr and more than 200 other experts, who have outlined the evidence in an open letter to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

What is clear, they said, is that people should consider minimising time indoors with people outside their families. Schools, nursing homes and businesses should consider adding powerful new air filters and ultraviolet lights that can kill airborne viruses.

Here are answers to a few questions raised by the latest research.


For a virus to be airborne means that it can be carried through the air in a viable form. For most pathogens, this is a yes-no scenario. HIV, too delicate to survive outside the body, is not airborne. Measles is airborne, and dangerously so: It can survive in the air for up to two hours.

For the coronavirus, the definition has been more complicated. Experts agree that the virus does not travel long distances or remain viable outdoors. But evidence suggests it can traverse the length of a room and, in one set of experimental conditions, remain viable for perhaps three hours.


Aerosols are droplets, droplets are aerosols – they do not differ except in size. Scientists sometimes refer to droplets fewer than 5 microns in diameter as aerosols. (By comparison, a red blood cell is about 5 microns in diameter; a human hair is about 50 microns wide.)

From the start of the pandemic, the WHO and other public health organisations have focused on the virus’s ability to spread through large droplets that are expelled when a symptomatic person coughs or sneezes.

These droplets are heavy, relatively speaking, and fall quickly to the floor or onto a surface that others might touch. This is why public health agencies have recommended maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet from others, and frequent hand washing.

But some experts have said for months that infected people also are releasing aerosols when they cough and sneeze. More important, they expel aerosols even when they breathe, talk or sing, especially with some exertion.

Scientists know now that people can spread the virus even in the absence of symptoms – without coughing or sneezing – and aerosols might explain that phenomenon.

Because aerosols are smaller, they contain much less virus than droplets do. But because they are lighter, they can linger in the air for hours, especially in the absence of fresh air. In a crowded indoor space, a single infected person can release enough aerosolised virus over time to infect many people, perhaps seeding a superspreader event.

For droplets to be responsible for that kind of spread, a single person would have to be within a few feet of all the other people, or to have contaminated an object that everyone else touched. All that seems unlikely to many experts.

“I have to do too many mental gymnastics to explain those other routes of transmission compared to aerosol transmission, which is much simpler,” Dr Marr said.


Physical distancing is still very important. The closer you are to an infected person, the more aerosols and droplets you may be exposed to. Washing your hands often is still a good idea.

What’s new is that those two things may not be enough.

“We should be placing as much emphasis on masks and ventilation as we do with hand washing,” Dr Marr said. “As far as we can tell, this is equally important, if not more important.”


Health care workers may all need to wear N95 masks, which filter out most aerosols. At the moment, they are advised to do so only when engaged in certain medical procedures that are thought to produce aerosols.

For the rest of us, cloth face masks will still greatly reduce risk, as long as most people wear them. At home, when you’re with your own family or with roommates you know to be careful, masks are still not necessary. But it is a good idea to wear them in other indoor spaces, experts said.

As for how long is safe, that is frustratingly tough to answer. A lot depends on whether the room is too crowded to allow for a safe distance from others and whether there is fresh air circulating through the room.


This is a matter of intense debate. Many schools are poorly ventilated and are too poorly funded to invest in new filtration systems.

“There is a huge vulnerability to infection transmission via aerosols in schools,” said Dr Don Milton, an aerosol expert at the University of Maryland.

Most children younger than 12 seem to have only mild symptoms, if any, so elementary schools may get by.

“So far, we don’t have evidence that elementary schools will be a problem, but the upper grades, I think, would be more likely to be a problem,” Dr Milton said.

College dorms and classrooms are also cause for concern.

Milton said the government should think of long-term solutions for these problems. Having public schools closed “clogs up the whole economy, and it’s a major vulnerability”, he said.

“Until we understand how this is part of our national defence, and fund it appropriately, we’re going to remain extremely vulnerable to these kinds of biological threats.”


Do as much as you can outdoors. Despite the many photos of people at beaches, even a somewhat crowded beach, especially on a breezy day, is likely to be safer than a pub or an indoor restaurant with recycled air.

But even outdoors, wear a mask if you are likely to be close to others for an extended period.

When indoors, one simple thing people can do is to “open their windows and doors whenever possible”, Dr Marr said. You can also upgrade the filters in your home air-conditioning systems, or adjust the settings to use more outdoor air rather than recirculated air.

Public buildings and businesses may want to invest in air purifiers and ultraviolet lights that can kill the virus. Despite their reputation, elevators may not be a big risk, Dr Milton said, compared with public bathrooms or offices with stagnant air where you may spend a long time.

If none of those things are possible, try to minimise the time you spend in an indoor space, especially without a mask. The longer you spend inside, the greater the dose of virus you might inhale.

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Japanese voice actress Kana Hanazawa announces marriage a day after fellow voice actress Nana Mizuki

A day after Japanese voice actress Nana Mizuki announced her marriage on Tuesday (July 7), voice actress Kana Hanazawa followed suit and said she would also be tying the knot.

Her husband-to-be is fellow voice actor Kensho Ono, 30.

Hanazawa, 31, tweeted in Japanese: “Kensho Ono and I are getting married. Ono is an optimistic person while I worry easily, but he has always provided me with courage gently.

“As husband and wife, we will support each other and strive to take our relationship to the next level. We hope everyone can give us your blessings and support.”

She also posted the announcement in Chinese on her Weibo account on Wednesday.

Hanazawa and Ono were first linked in 2017 when they were spotted by Japanese magazine Shukan Bunshun entering a high-end apartment in Tokyo together. They confirmed later they were dating after the photos were published in the tabloid magazine.

Hanazawa is famous for her voice roles in several animated series, including the Monogatari series (2009 to 2019), and director Makoto Shinkai’s two animated films The Garden Of Words (2013) and Your Name (2016).

She is also a singer who has released 13 singles and five albums and held her first solo concert at the famous Nippon Budokan arena in 2015.

Onois famous for being the Japanese dub voice of Harry Potter in the Harry Potter film series (2001 to 2011).

He is also known for voicing Tetsuya Kuroko, the titular protagonist in the animated TV series Kuroko’s Basketball (2012 to 2015) and Giorno Giovanna, the protagonist in the animated series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind (2018 to 2019).

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Tennis: 'What are you talking about?' Nick Kyrgios blasts Dominic Thiem in virus row

SYDNEY (AFP) – Outspoken Australian Nick Kyrgios questioned Dominic Thiem’s intellect on Wednesday (July 8) after the world No.3 told him to stop criticising fellow tennis stars Alexander Zverev and Novak Djokovic for taking risks with the coronavirus.

Kyrgios said Thiem was not on the same “intellectual level” after the Austrian called his criticism “cheap” and claimed it was “bad luck” that Zverev was caught partying after promising to self-isolate.

Djokovic, Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki all tested positive for Covid-19 after last month’s Adria Tour, an exhibition series with minimal social distancing where Thiem and Zverev also played.

“Kyrgios has really done a lot of nonsense himself. That’s why I understand even less when he interferes everywhere,” Thiem told German media this week.

“It would be better for him to come clean instead of always criticising others.”

The Australian shot back on Twitter.

“What are you talking about @ThiemDomi? Mistakes like smashing rackets? Swearing? Tanking a few matches here or there? Which everyone does?

“None of you have the intellectual level to even understand where I’m coming from. I’m trying to hold them accountable.”

Kyrgios added: “This just shows what a joke @ThiemDomi @AlexZverev & @DjokerNole think this is, 2 of them partying like potato’s during a global pandemic.

“People losing lives, loved ones and friends, and then Thiem standing up for the ‘mistake’. These guys are the ‘top’ of our sport. SMH (shaking my head).”

Last week Kyrgios also exchanged verbal blows with German legend Boris Becker, who called him a “rat” for singling out Zverev.

“@TheBorisBecker is a bigger doughnut than I thought. Can hit a volley, obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed though,” he fired back.

Zverev vowed to self-isolate after the Adria Tour, only to be filmed days later in a busy bar in footage that went viral.

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Rapper Kanye West says he no longer supports Trump: Report

WASHINGTON (BLOOMBERG) – Kanye West no longer supports President Trump, Forbes reported, citing an interview with the American rapper who says he plans to run for president.

The rapper intends to run for election under the banner of “the Birthday Party”.

“I would run as a Republican if Trump wasn’t there. I will run as an independent if Trump is there,” West told Forbes.

West says he believes he was sick with Covid-19 in February and is suspicious of a potential vaccine, according to Forbes.

He denied that his announcement was a publicity stunt for his upcoming album.

He has selected Ms Michelle Tidball, a preacher from Wyoming, to be his running mate, according to the report.

West has taken almost no concrete steps towards a presidential bid, including filing papers officially declaring a candidacy, qualifying for ballot access or building a campaign infrastructure.

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German exports to fall by 15% in 2020: DIHK

BERLIN (Reuters) – German exports will drop by 15% this year and will only recover slightly in 2021, Germany’s DIHK chambers of commerce said on Wednesday.

Exports will rise by a single-digit percentage next year, by 7% if the situation improves significantly, DIHK foreign trade head Volker Treier said.

“We will only experience disappointments in the next few months,” Treier said.

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UK to nominate ex-minister Liam Fox as WTO boss: Spectator

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain will nominate former cabinet minister Liam Fox to be the new chief of the World Trade Organization, a journalist for the Spectator political magazine said on Wednesday.

“Understand the UK will nominate Liam Fox to be Director General of the World Trade Organization,” Spectator political editor James Forsyth said on Twitter, without elaborating.

Fox, a supporter of Brexit, served as Britain’s trade secretary under the administration of former prime minister Theresa May.

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Nerves for newcomers: Serenity in the Job can be trained

To start to working life, is exciting. Especially in the case of important conversations or crucial appointments with Customers but young workers want employment with a Portion of more Serenity. How can the gain?

First of all, it can help to be aware of the fact, with what aims, and emotions, you go to the interview and what is the Motivation of the subject is over-explains Monika Heilmann, conflict Coach and author in the journal ‘Unicum’ (02/2020).

Newcomers should consider, why an interview takes place and who is invited.

If in advance it is clear, whether it is a conflict conversation, a negotiation, or a routine meeting, you can adapt better to the Situation.

Own feelings in the interview address?

Emotions to suppress, not help, however, for a Laidback appearance. Heilmann is recommended to separate the property and the level of relationship in the conversation.

This professional must learn beginners, to reflect on your own feelings during a conversation, and consider whether you can address.

A conversation partner is, for example angry, you can pick up on the careful: “I realize now that the course of a conversation like that. Can I do something for you?”

To master this sovereign, would require but a lot of Practice. ‘Unicum’ advises to practice the self-conscious Talk at home in front of the mirror. Also, special training, public speaking and theatre courses or a speaking club can help, with time, is safer to perform.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

*The contribution of “nerves for newcomers: Serenity on the Job training” will be published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.


Risk of injury, and co.: these are the most unhealthy Jobs

While a squatting several hours a day in front of the computer, risking others in their Professions or their health. But what kind of Jobs are actually the most dangerous?

Online contact lens retailer and expert for glasses and contact lenses, Lenstore, has conducted a study, on the basis of which occupations according to their risk for the health of the Population, were classified.

In this study, 48 different occupations on the basis of eight different risks with values from 0 (very safe) to 100 were classified (most dangerous).

From the average, this eventually results in the total risk.

The eight health risks

This includes, among other things, that the security of a profession is contrary to often the opportunity to stay fit.

However, the probability of a common danger and ways to protect yourself, or negative consequences of offset, are to be observed in the assessment.

The relevant categories of the health risks range from the risk of injury about a possible risk of infection, to Maintain a healthy posture and overall Fitness.

Within these categories, gradations, in turn, are made. So apply at the risk of’ damage to the sense, to suffer the perception of very high or very low temperatures as dangerous as a loud noise.

Physical proximity is regarded as a large risk

At first glance, the Drilling rig operator appears as a clear loser.

He is called as the most dangerous profession because it is associated with the highest risk of injury, the most damage to the sensory perception and the one with the most sun damage.

The overall risk is calculated in a different way, which is why the title of ‘ emergency paramedic emerges as ungesündeste from this study.

In him also is the risk of infection in addition to possible damage to the sense-perception is particularly high.

And this is classified as more serious than, for example, the risk of injury, which is exposed to a Drilling rig operator, because of physical proximity as the most common infection is a risk.

Photo gallery: 15 tips for more movement in everyday life

Gesündester profession of the tax consultant

Since some problems may be more easily resolved than others, the profession of tax Advisor as the healthiest of the study, closely followed by the web developers.

A lack of Fitness due to working a Desk, you can compensate easily with a walk during the lunch break or by driving with the bike to work.

Somewhat more complicated, the relief for the eyes after long hours of screen viewing is here. In the best case, so experts advise, should you all of 20 minutes, the eyes for about 20 seconds from the Screen and something about 20 meters far Away turn to in order to save the eye.

Cooking and hairdressing are in the midfield

In midfield, the profession of hairdresser is, for example. A certain amount of infection in this profession risk by human contact and also muscles and joints are stressed by the many, but in all other categories the values are extremely low.

For example, the hair is exposed to any risk due to sun damage (0), has no need to fear damage to the sensory perception through his job and doesn’t live a particularly dangerous during its activity.


  • Patel , R. (2020): professions and health risks: How risky is your Job?, archived from the original on 07.07.2020:

Kimberly Papenthin

*The contribution of “risk of injury, and co., are published in the most unhealthy Jobs” is of FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.

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Kate and William to capitalise on Megxit and Royal Family break up as focus shifts to them

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Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William had been expected to see pressure grow on them after the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the Royal Family. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have indeed been faced with new challenges and additions to their already busy schedules but have appeared to take on the changes in their stride. Royal commentator Duncan Larcombe suggested the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to quit actually helped Kate and William focus more on their “important” job.

Speaking to True Royalty TV, Mr Larcombe said: “Despite all the noise around Harry and Meghan, the reality is William and Kate have got a pretty important job to do.

“This is giving them space, and to some extent the Prince Andrew ongoing Epstein saga, it is giving William and Kate the space to focus on the job they’ve got to do.

“And I think at the moment, they are doing very well.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they would take a step back from royal life in January and the Duke of York was forced to take a temporary retirement from his duties over his connection to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

JUST IN: Prince Harry looks ‘trapped’ with Meghan Markle in ‘awkward’ meeting

With the departure of three senior members of the Royal Family, Kate and William were seen as the natural heirs to Harry, Meghan and Andrew’s duties because of their position in the pecking order.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have indeed played a pivotal role in helping the Queen and Prince Charles keep up the morale of British and Commonwealth supporters through the lockdown.

Kate and William moved most of their operations online and continued to hold virtual engagements to show their support to their charities as well as NHS staff for their work.

The pair have also been juggling their official activities with the unexpected challenge of homeschooling their eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

READ MORE: Key sign Prince George, Charlotte and Louis to spend summer HERE

But after weeks spent in lockdown in their country retreat, Anmer Hall, both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have resumed their public duties as restrictions began to be eased.

Last week Prince William showed his support to the pub and restaurant sector ahead of their reopening by paying a visit to his local pub and sharing a pint of cider with the staff.

The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out to visit a family-owned garden centre in mid-June and later helping create a special garden from children and their families at a Norfolk children’s hospice.


Meghan Markle and Harry face FURIOUS backlash as fans demand pair lose titles [VIDEO]
Royal reveal: Queen always takes THIS unusual item on her royal visits [INSIGHT]
The TRUTH behind Prince Philip’s secluded retirement away from Queen [ANALYSIS]

Kate and William are however expected to take a break with their children after months of intense work.

While their usual escape to the royal holiday hotspot of Mustique is unlikely to happen this year because of widespread limitations on travel, the Duke and Duchess could still enjoy some time off around the UK.

The royal couple treated their children, George, Charlotte and Louis, to a week-long break in the Lake District last year and may opt to do so again after Kate admitted the three had loved the experience.

But during her visit to Fakenham Garden Centre in Norfolk last month, the Duchess of Cambridge noted she had not seen her parents since the start of the lockdown as they live too far away.

She said: “I’ve yet to see my family as they’re about three hours away in Berkshire, so I haven’t seen them and I miss them.”

A visit to Berkshire could then be in the plans for the Cambridge family.

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