The next pandemic threatens?: New swine flu discovered Virus in China

DieCorona pandemic is not yet over, the security measures to curb the dissemination to the public life.

And now this message from China: scientists have been in pig fattening, a new influenza virus operated discovered, which spreads among the animals.

Their results, the researchers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, shared in the scientific magazine ‘PNAS’.

Therefore, these pathogens don’t make the animals sick, it would have also, similar to the swine flu in 2009, “pandemic Potential”.

Mixing viruses in pigs

Influenza viruses change rapidly. In this country that makes the annual flu epidemics is noticeable, in which slightly modified versions of the virus are rife.

There is, however, that new fatal viruses.

This often happens in pigs and may infect these animals at the same time with different influenza viruses mammalian, human and avian – influenza strains to exchange their genes.

So also in the case of a mixed virus, spreading since 2013, in pig farms in China. As the researchers report, had become this Virus is now the dominant variant.

In the investigation of the new influenza variant G4, the scientists were noisy. In this Virus, it is a blend of three lines of descent:

  • a, which is similar to strains found in European and Asian birds,
  • the H1N1 strain that caused the pandemic in 2009,
  • a North American H1N1, the genes of influenza viruses of birds, humans and pigs contains

Through this combination of G4 can infest not only animals, but also cells of the human respiratory system. Between ferrets, considered a good model for influenza spreads, it spread slightly.

Workers already have antibodies against the new Virus

The scientists have already been able to demonstrate antibodies against the G4 Virus in the workers of pig farms – each tenth Person.

A slight sigh of Relief there should be but probably. Because so far only two cases have been documented where the Virus has triggered in people with a serious illness – a 46-Year-old died of it.

As the scientists hold on to, not such cases were far more dangerous, as the Virus has not yet been passed from human to human.

Virus should still be observed

Experts such as flu-researcher Martha Nelson of the American National Insitutes of Health, therefore, slight all-clear.

The researcher feels that it is appropriate to watch G4 more carefully, you will see, however, currently there is no direct evidence that this can trigger a new, deadly wave of Influenza.

Because it would have to spread easily from person to person and a severe course of the disease trigger.

Nelson noted in a scientific article, however, is that influenza can change virus also surprising.

There is also a danger that we neglect to Influenza and other threats, currently, would be due to the Corona pandemic”.”

Production of flu vaccinations are Routine

Should, in fact, a new flu virus spread, the infected people, there is a worldwide reporting requirement.

The world health organization (WHO) would be informed and the production of a suitable vaccine to be started.

This production is likely to be also significantly simpler than that of a matching By means of counter-Covid-19. Because flu vaccinations are now Routine.


  • Sun, H., et al. (2020): Prevalent Eurasian avian-like H1N1 swine influenza virus with 2009 pandemic viral genes is another source of human infection, retrieved on 02.07.2020
  • Cohen, J. (2020): Swine flu strain with human pandemic potential is increasingly found in pigs in China, retrieved on 02.07.2020

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Reproduction number a 0.83: Corona-the situation calms down: 466 registered new infections

After major local Corona has outbreaks of the Infection situation in Germany calmed down again.

So the local authorities have reported to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) last 466 Corona infections within a day (as at 1.7., 0: 00).

Thus, the number of new infections within a day roughly corresponds to the values prior to the large outbreaks in mid-June – for example, in the district of Göttingen, in the district of Gütersloh or in the districts of Berlin.

With the exception of the increase in Infection due to these local outbreaks, the number of new infections is to be paid at the end of may with a maximum of 550 cases per day at a relatively low level.

Overall, the Corona-crisis 194 725 people in Germany have been infected since the beginning it has been proved that Sars-CoV-2, as the RKI reported on Wednesday morning (data, version 1.7., 0: 00).

Less Corona cases in Gütersloh

Also in the Coronavirus have been particularly affected district of Gütersloh, the important number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in and week fell more.

The so-called Seven-days-incidence is, according to the RKI currently 78,0. On Tuesday, the value was for the first Time since the cases in a meat processing plant, a three-digit number.

In Bavaria it came in the district of Starnberg, to an outbreak at a catering company. A whole series of a total of around 120 employees of the Caterers were housed according to the Landratsamt in addition, in refugee accommodation.

They were, as a precaution, been to Munich in an insulating device to be tested. By Tuesday evening the number of test resulted in payments of 45 positive cases.

8985 with the Virus infected people died according to the RKI in Germany – this means an increase of 12 compared to the previous day.

About 179 800 people have survived the infection, according to the RKI estimates. The are about 700 more than the day before.

R-value is still below the critical mark

Since a few days, the reproduction number, in short, R-value, after a transient, significant increase in to go back to a value around or below 1 has fallen. In particular, the outbreak in North Rhine-Westphalia plays according to the RKI, a big part of that.

According to the RKI estimates of R lag value as of 30.6., 0.00, 0.83 (previous day of 0.74). This means that an Infected person infects on average less than one other people. The R-value in each case forms the infection from happening about a week and a half before.

Since the middle of may, the RKI is also a so-called Seven-days-R. It refers to a longer period of time and is therefore subject to less current fluctuations.

According to the RKI estimates of this value was as of 30.6., 0.00, 0.67 (previous day: 0,63). He shows that the Infection occurred from 8 to 16 days.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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Positive development: fewer and fewer young people smoke

Is Smoking according to a study in adolescents and young adults in Germany, is increasingly unpopular.

Among the 12 – to 17-Year-olds, 5.6 percent admitted to Smoking regularly or occasionally, such as the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) announced on Wednesday, according to survey data from the past year.

The numbers were so low as never since the beginning of the survey series in the 1970s. Among 18 – to 25-Year-olds, 21.2 percent are still Smoking and also the previous low in the study.

The prevention of acts – in the case of tobacco

The Federal drug Commissioner Daniela Ludwig (CSU) said that the positive Figures are a result of decades, is a well-made prevention work. This effect must also be in the case of Cannabis reached. According to the study, this has been tried, 10.4 percent of 12 – to 17-Year – olds and 46.4 percent of 18-to 25-Year-olds ever.

The head of the BZgA, Heidrun Thaiss, said: “Cannabis is by far the most consumed illegal substance.”

This is of particular concern, since the consumption in adolescence is associated with special risks for growing organism.

Alcohol consumption in high –

With a view of the Smoking Thaiss said, the development of E-products and water pipes to be carefully observed is to be reported even if currently there is no further consumption increases are.

Of concern is that too many young people drink to intoxication of alcohol.

For the study reported to be 7000 people at the age of 12 to 25 years were interviewed from April to June 2019. The survey range for the drug affinity is made since 1973 in regular intervals.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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Norwegian study: These rules can prevent Corona infection in the Gym

Similar to Restaurant and Bars, fitness studios at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, countries were forced to close across their doors for several weeks.

The concern was that Coronavirus in a confined space could be the Training spread.

Meanwhile, the majority of Gyms open in this country again, Fitness-may Enthusiasts back to the heavy iron ran, but only under certain Precautions. Fitness classes continue to be prohibited due to the possible contamination as a result of the “Aerosol-virus cloud” below.

Whether the Precautions are really useful and your Job meet, could answer a study conducted by the scientists Lise Helsingen of the University of Oslo.

Strict regulations are in place at Train

The investigation was able to open given by the Norwegian Ministry of health, in order to check, what are the rules of the fitness Studio.

This was from the 22. Launched in March in Oslo, a randomized study with a total of 3,754 K healthy adults.

Of these participants, 1.896 persons drawn, which was then granted access to five-hour fitness studios.

In these, the subjects were allowed to train again on a whim. However, under certain precautions:

  • No physical touches, such as greetings with a handshake
  • At least 1 Meter to other persons – in the case of intense Exercises bar even 2 meters
  • All devices are cleaned before a change with a disinfectant
  • Changing rooms were open showers and a Sauna, however, remained closed
  • The lids of the rubbish bins have been removed, to avoid contact

Compliance with these extensive set of rules was reviewed by the Studio staff. A mask is compulsory for the Trainees, was not to be.

No Corona infection in the Gym

During the 3-week duration of study 81.8% of the subjects, which the Gym was allowed to visit had trained there at least once. 38.5 percent had visited the Studio six or more Times.

In connection 88.7 percent of the visitors, as well as 71.4 percent of the control group had a total of a smear on SARS-CoV-2.

The result: Only a single study participants had evidence of infection. This subject was, however, not a single Time in one of the fitness studios. As it turned out later, he had become infected on the job.

Coronavirus is not considered in the Studios

In consultation with the health insurance, the researchers also checked the doctor’s visits to the rest of the subjects.

106 persons were visited during the study period, although a doctor, however, none of the appointments to be made in connection with Covid-19.

The six participants who had been treated during this time in the hospital, no correlation was found with a possible coronavirus infection.

The study Director concludes, therefore, that in the three weeks nobody in the Gym has infected.

During the study period were tested in the whole of Oslo 105 persons positive for SARS-CoV 2 – the gyms are not reached, the Virus, according to the research results, so.

Important aspect is still unclear

In this study, it is likely to be the first, carried out to the risk of infection in gyms.

In the work described protective measures can to a large extent on the regulations of the individual Federal States in Germany.

Although it has not managed the Coronavirus in this study, in the Gyms, however, the study leaves open the question of whether or not it would be in the case of an infected visitor to an outbreak among the Gym-goers.

Whether the country’s existing measures can prevent the spread of the in fact, therefore, is also unclear – for the best possible protection, however, should be that all existing instructions to be strictly followed.

In Oslo, the bodies referred to in this investigation have been opened again – the fact that there was, within the last study week no proven infection more in the city, has certainly also contributed a part.


  • TRAiN study group (2020): Randomized Re-Opening of Training Facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, retrieved on 01.07.2020

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The worst is not over yet: Corona-pandemic according to the WHO, by far

Six months after the first reports of the new Coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan and in the world today, more than 10 million infections – is not the end of the pandemic according to the world health organization (WHO) for a long time.

“We all want that this is over, we all want to get on with our lives. But the harsh reality is: It’s not over yet, not even close,” said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at a press conference on Monday evening.

With a view on the extent of the pandemic, with more than 500,000 deaths, he said: “This could have been prevented with the means available to us.”

Tedros called on the countries to test, to impose social contacts to trace and quarantine rules.

Together against the Coronavirus

Responsible for the extent of the Corona pandemic, failures in the implementation of reason, according to Tedros evaluation fundamental counter-measures, as well as a lack of unity within and between countries.

“The worst is yet to come”, if this political Problem is not addressed, said the WHO chief. “Therefore, we must combine our forces and this dangerous Virus-together we can fight.”

The WHO will send next week a Team to China to investigate the origin of the Virus further, said Tedros.

At the beginning of December, possibly earlier, occurred in the metropolis of Wuhan, the first cases of a previously unknown lung disease. 31. December, they were reported officially to the WHO.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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This 8-Minute Kettlebell Swing Workout Crushes Calories and Builds Strength

Do you have a heavy kettlebell and exactly eight minutes? If so, then you have everything you need for a full-body workout that’ll burn plenty of calories and help you pile up glute, hamstring, and core strength, too.

Get ready for a “cardio” workout that takes place far from the treadmill or the track and prep for Kettlebell Swing Conditioning Hell, a fire-breathing workout that’ll have your entire body gassed in less than 10 minutes from Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. The session builds around the classic kettlebell swing to help you make serious gains, and it’s the kind of session you can do anywhere.

“Obviously, a kettlebell is ideal for this workout,” says Samuel. “But you can do it with any alternate load too, from a big water jug to a backpack filled with books, to a dumbbell.”

Either way, over the course of 8 minutes, you’ll pile up 160 total kettlebell swings. You’ll do it from a variety of angles too, mixing classic Russian swings with offset-stance swings. And the constant alternating between those swing varieties means you’re training from athletic stances too. “We’re not just becoming explosive with this workout,” says Samuel. “You’re becoming explosive in ways that mirror the actions you might take on a sporting field of play.”

You’ll do it all with just enough rest to catch your breath, not quite enough rest to fully recover. You’re working 30-second intervals in this workout, piling up 10 swings in each interval. That’s enough to ramp up your heart rate, says Samuel, and by the final sequence, your body will be at its limits.

You’re also challenging total-body strength more than you may think, pushing glutes, abs, and grip strength. “If you use a heavy enough bell,” says Samuel, “your forearms are going to feel this.”

Do this 8-minute workout anytime, anywhere. Just be ready to be pushed to your limits.

The best part of the Kettlebell Swing Conditioning Hell workout is that it can be used in so many situations. You can do this as a quick standalone sweat session, in a hotel gym or hotel room, using a backpack or a dumbbell. Or you can grab a kettlebell and work through the sequence as a finisher at the end of a full-body workout or leg workout.

Either way, you’ll be smoking your entire posterior chain, building strength, challenging your lungs, and incinerating calories. Get to work.

For more tips and routines from Samuel, check out our full slate of Eb and Swole workouts. If you want to try an even more dedicated routine, consider Eb’s New Rules of Muscle program.

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The Iconic Is Having A 25% Off Activewear Sale And Soz In Advance, Savings

Get ready: you’re about to be convinced to empty your wallet in favour of a fully-stocked activewear collection.

The Iconic is running a flash sale on selected sportswear from today (June 30) until 11:59pm Thursday the 2nd of July. All your fave brands are listed at up to 25% off, including Nike, Nimble, Adidas, The Upside and more.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of our favourite finds. Happy shopping!

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Gaiam Performance Earth-Saver 3mm Yoga Mat – was $69.95 now $52.46

New Balance 5-Inch Woven Shorts – was $40 now $30

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Why Guys Love Arguing About Weightlifting Gloves

Walk into any weight room, and you’ll see two types of lifters: Those who wear gloves, and those who do not. Under any circumstance.

If you’re a gym newbie, you might not understand why this would be such a large divide. Aren’t gloves just another accessory or a preference, like what you wear on your legs? Even more importantly, does the handgear give lifters an edge if used correctly?

Short answer: no. But how and why you’d wear something on your hands is a bit more complicated than that.

Why Some Lifters Like Gloves

Lots of guys do wear gloves. For some, they just rock the gear because it’s something they’ve seen on other people. After all, there’s not really a strict set of rules about how to dress when you hit (most) gym floors—so if you don’t know what you’re doing and see dudes wearing something you don’t have, there’s no harm in trying, too.

But for other guys, there is a method behind the gloved madness. We asked our followers on Twitter if they wear gloves, and why. The overwhelming response from the pro-glove crowd was that they sweat so much they lose the ability to grip the bar without some extra help.

Yes because my hands sweat. Deadlifts and pullups w/sweaty hands will land me in a viral video…pass

Other guys cited concern for direct contact with germ-y shared equipment and, of course, that they worry about developing callouses and rough hands.

Yes, I’m a massage therapist and no one like having callouses being rubbed all over then. I use full on gloves on pulling days, but on push days I’ll use open finger gloves.

There are other legitimate reasons to wear them, too, like if you have open tears on your palms and wouldn’t be able to lift at all without the extra protection. No matter their reason, these guys are faithful to the glove life. If you want to join them, check out these options for your next workout.

Core Lock Training 2.0




Pro Wristwrap




Weightlifting Gloves

Steel Sweat


Nordic Gloves

Nordic Lifting



Evo 2




Workout Gloves



Why Some Lifters Hate Gloves

On the other side of the debate lie most experienced lifters (and trainers)—myself included. We don’t like gloves.

It’s not that I’ve never worn a pair; when I started messing around with a basement barbell set as a teenager, I always started the session by strapping on a set. But as I learned more about the weight room, I realized that the extra material between my hands and the bar were just holding me back from mastering proper form on moves like the power clean and developing a stronger grip. After all, that fine etching in your barbells and dumbbells isn’t just there to rough up your hands—that’s called knurling, and it’s there to help you to get a better grip.

I can’t do these things as aggressively or naturally when I’m wearing gloves.

Men’s Health Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. isn’t a fan of gloves for just that reason. “In theory, you’re “protecting” your skin from the wear and pounding of metal bars, but you’re also losing a ton of natural grip training,” he says. “The best and most organic way for you to train your grip has always been to grip with intent. But you can’t truly grip with gloves, and you lose the ability to truly feel what you’re gripping.”

That inability to take hold of the bar is an issue because you lose your full squeeze strength with the extra layer of material between the bar and your hands, and for the simple fact that you can’t feel the bar as well. “When my hand is in direct contact with the weight, I can more easily adjust and be precise with my grip,” says Samuel. “I can squeeze harder through my pinky, or squeeze more aggressively around my index and middle fingers. I can’t do these things as aggressively or naturally when I’m wearing gloves.”

Samuel also thinks that many of our favorite modern training methods are ill-suited to the glove life. “Our current training world has thick kettlebell handles, thin dumbbells, grenade grips for pullups, battle ropes, and those ultra-thick barbell ends that we grip during landmine work,” he says. “All of these require your hands to feel what they’re gripping in order to hold on.”

Weightlifting Straps FTW

PekicGetty Images

That said, there is one accessory that many serious lifters do swear by: straps. Lifting straps (or grips) allow you to move more weight than your grip strength might normally allow, since the material is literally wrapped about the bar and your wrist.

That’s handy when you start deadlifting for serious weight, for example—although some powerlifting purists might only take “raw” lifts (reps without belts, straps, or other equipment) seriously.

Straps can serve as a good bridge between glove wearers and non-glove wearers; they give you a chance to accessorize and protect your hands from the roughest knurling while also serving a functional purpose. If you’re sold on straps, check out these options—just don’t feel wrap up every single dumbbell in the weight room. Save them for your heavy pull lifts.

Lifting Straps

Dark Iron Fitness



Hook Wraps

Anvil Fitness



Lifting Straps




Weightlifting Grips

Grip Power Pads



Pro Grips

Versa Gripps



Secure Grips

Grip Power Pads



Whether you’re on team glove or not, hating on other people in the gym for their weight room attire isn’t cool, so long as they’re minding their own business and not doing anything dangerous.

Unless you’re wearing sunglasses inside for no reason. Don’t do that.

You’ll never need gloves or straps for heavy press exercises like the bench press. Learn to master it in this video:

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Jessica Alba Just Showed Off Her Abs Doing The #UnoDosTres TikTok Challenge

  • Jessica Alba posted another dance video to TikTok.
  • She does the #unodostreschallenge wtih her daughter Honor.
  • Jessica shows off her toned abs in a sports bra while dancing.

Actress Jessica Alba has been killing it with her TikTok dance videos during quarantine. She’s done an impressive routine to “Hustle & Flow” with her daughter Honor (while wearing in matching swimsuits no less). She got her whole fam to do the “Blinding Lights” challenge with her. She did a solo version of the #savagechallenge to Megan Thee Stallion’s hit. And she even convinced her husband, Cash Warren, to film one with her.

And in her latest TikTok, she’s doing the #unodostreschallenge with her daughter Honor, wearing a cute matching tank and leggings.

“#unodostreschallenge Me wanting to turn errrything into a dance lolz #Workouts w my #Honorcita #TikTok #latina 💃🏽💃🏽,” she captioned the video.

#unodostreschallenge Me wanting to turn errrything into a dance lolz #Workouts w my #Honorcita #TikTok #latina 💃🏽💃🏽

Jessica’s abs looks super toned in the video. Even beyond her dance videos, Jesshas been owning the TikTok workout game for months. Back in March, she shared a pretty detailed TikTok of her workout routine, set to “The Drip” by King Sam Jones III.

She also created a cardio routine with daughter Honor, 11, that she shared with fans, featuring 30 jumping jacks, 20 burpees, and 50 mountain climbers. You’re supposed to repeat the whole thing two to five times. (I’m tired just thinking about it.)

And she recently showed off her “killer” resistance band workout on YouTube.

During pre-COVID times, Jessica loved taking a good workout class.She shared with Byrdie, “I really like taking group classes, or I like to work out with friends. I like high-intensity workouts; I like moving around a lot. I don’t like a lot of repetition.”

Seems like TikTok has been a great new way for Jessica to get her sweat on during the time of social distancing.

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Try This Essential Core Exercise for Heavy Lifters

Dr. Aaron Horschig, DPT, of Squat University has become a go-to source for physical therapy advice for guys who lift heavy. He helped reigning World’s Strongest Man Martins Licis rehab injuries from lifting, and has offered guidance on everything from how to avoid knee pain while squatting to how to improve ankle mobility.

His latest segment, featuring with record-holding Olympic weightlifter Darren Barnes, shows lifters some of the best core moves you can do to improve your strength specifically as it relates to lifting heavy.

Barnes demonstrates a clean and a front squat to show the vertical plane of motion that most lifters are in during movement. “What that does is it… makes us develop imbalances where our core stability is not as optimal as it could be,” says Horschig.

To prime your core stability in your warmup, Horschig says that he recommends the McGill ‘Big 3’ to enhance your performance and decrease your risk of injury.

But for post-workout core work, Horschig suggests lifters do the Single-Arm Suitcase Carry.

“The reason this is so helpful is because we’re going to be moving through a different plane of motion than what we’re used to with most of our lifts, says Horschig. “So we’re going to be working on the weak link that we often develop because we’re solely performing our lifts in one plane of motion.”

Single-Arm Suitcase Carry
Grab a light weight kettlebell or dumbbell (10-20 lbs to start) with one hand and hold it on your side. Walk 20-30 feet, depending on what space is availabel.

For proper form, Horschig says to walk like The Terminator.

“Pretend like you’ve got a book on top of your head. You’re standing very tall, and you’re just going to be gripping that weight by your side. Pull your lat back and down, almost as if you’re taking your shoulder blade and putting it in your pocket,” says Horschig. “Don’t shift side to side.”

To maintain that vertical position, your core is working overdrive—along with other parts of your body.

“The muscle of your low back, your QL specifically, has to turn on isometrically to stabilize the pelvis to keep it nice and flat,” says Horschig. “The glute medius also has to turn on in order to make sure that your pelvis stays flat and your lumbar spine is straight up and down. If those muscles aren’t working well, you’re going to get tipping side to side of that pelvis.”

By creating this imbalance with weight on one side of the body, it creates more of a demand for core stability.

To make the move more challenging, Horschig suggests doing a march, bringing up your knees and also increase your weight.

Upside Down Kettlebell Carry
Horschig likes this variation because the position of the weight makes the hold more unstable—and therefore more of a challenge.

Pull your shoulder blade out to the side, which is going to turn on your serratus to keep a vertical forearm as you start walking.

To make this more difficult, you can also march and increase weight.

“Because of the instability caused by the upside down kettlebell, this is a much more difficult exercise,” says Horschig. “Even though this seems like more of an upper body exercise, if your core is not strong and turning on correctly to brace, this kettlebell is going to fall over. The stronger core activation you have, the easier it is to hold that kettlebell upside down.”

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