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High levels of anxiety and depression among medical doctors have been recorded in a new cross-country study that finds Italian doctors most likely [...]

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For parents living in poverty, "diaper math" is a familiar and distressingly pressing daily calculation. Babies in the U.S. go through six to [...]

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Insecurities: We’ve all got ‘em. Perhaps when looking in the mirror, we wish our teeth were whiter, our skin smoother, tentex forte himalaya [...]

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A paper published in the journal Psychological Medicine confirms the existence of neurobiological alterations in early stages of life in minors exposed to [...]

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Just a quick walk through the parking lot of Choices-Memphis Center for Reproductive Health in this legendary music mecca speaks volumes about access [...]

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While the LGBTQ+ community has seen significant advancements in legal rights, political representation and social acceptance over recent years, mental and physical health [...]

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Social media may make it easier for people to engage online, but it does not provide certain benefits of real-life human interactions, says [...]