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Coronavirus: Up to a third of Britons ‘wouldn’t use a vaccine for COVID-19’

A third of Britons have said they are either unsure or definitely wouldn’t use a vaccine for coronavirus, a poll has found.

The survey, conducted on behalf of the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), coincides with the release of a report by the same group into the spread of anti-vaccine misinformation online.

The poll found that members of the public who relied on social media more than traditional platforms for information were less likely to say they would get vaccinated.

The survey spoke to 1,663 people in Britain, with 6% saying they definitely wouldn’t get vaccinated.

But a further 10% said they would “probably not” while another 15% said they did not know, taking the numbers of those who may not get vaccinated against the deadly disease up to almost a third of those surveyed.

A total of 69% were likely to use a vaccine after 38% said they “definitely” would and another 31% declared they “probably” would.

With scientists predicting that more than three-quarters of the population would need to be vaccinated in order to have success in suppressing coronavirus, the findings could represent a threat to the ability to contain COVID-19.

CCDH said its polling results come amid a dramatic rise in the popularity of anti-vaccine social media pages and channels, with 7.7 million more social media users following such accounts since the outbreak of coronavirus.

The research group’s poll was carried out by YouGov between 24 and 25 June

The UK lost its measles-free status last year due to experiencing a fall in the number of parents ensuring their children were vaccinated.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at the time that the UK was “suddenly going in the wrong direction” and that “people have been listening to that superstitious mumbo jumbo on the internet, all that anti-vax stuff”.

In its new report, titled The Anti-Vax Industry, the CCDH suggests the total following for anti-vax advocates and groups online is up to 57 million across both the US and UK.

It analysed more than 400 anti-vax Facebook groups and pages, YouTube channels, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The study found they were publishing false conspiracy theories, including that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates had created the coronavirus pandemic, that vaccines cause COVID-19, and that tests for the coronavirus vaccine had caused women to become infertile.

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“Rise Up Rally” scheduled Saturday at Denver’s Manual High School

Another protest is scheduled Saturday evening at Denver’s Manual High School, adding to the long line of rallies and demonstrations in the city over recent weeks.

Organized and publicized on Facebook by 10 for 10, a self-described “group of Black young men aimed on uniting their communities and Black men through community service initiatives.”

The rally is scheduled at the school, 1700 E. 28th Ave., from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

As of Saturday morning 366 people said on Facebook that they would attend the rally and nearly 2,000 others signaled they were interested in the event.

The protest, called “The Rise Up Rally” is meant to decry mass incarceration, the detention of immigrants, conditions on Native American reservations and the marginalization of women, according to the Facebook post.

It comes on the heels of a large protest Friday night, demanding the firing of officers involved in the death of Elijah McClain last year.

A representative for 10 for 10 could not immediately be reached for comment.

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Coronavirus: US buys up almost entire world supply of COVID-19 drug Remdesivir

The US has bought up almost the entire global supply of one of two drugs proven to treat coronavirus.

Remdesivir, which was developed to treat Ebola, is produced almost exclusively by US pharmaceutical giant Gilead and costs around £430 ($532) for a treatment course of six doses.

According to the United States Department of Health Human Services (HHS), the US has already secured the entire global supply of the drug for July and 90% of stocks available for August and September.

This means Remdesivir will not be available for use on patients in the UK and Europe until October, Dr Andrew Hill, a senior visiting research fellow at Liverpool University told Sky News.

He said: “This deal that’s been struck by America means that people with COVID-19 in the UK can’t get access to these treatments that would get them out of hospital quickly and might improve their chances of survival.

“So far, we know that for the next three months there will be no supplies of Remdesivir – America will take the drugs and we won’t have access to them. That’s the case in the UK and Europe.”

Low and middle-income countries can produce generic versions of the drug, but are unable to sell them to Europe because Gilead has a patent for it, he added.

It comes after health officials warned the number of new US cases reported each day could hit 100,000 after a spike in infections.

Trials of the antiviral medicine on coronavirus patients have showed it reduces the length of time they experience symptoms from 15 to 11 days by stopping the virus reproducing.

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Denver to heat up as the week progresses weather could be stormy July 4 weekend

Below normal temperatures in Denver on Tuesday will give way to heat in the city on Thursday when toasty temps climb above normal and back into the 90s.

Skies over Denver will be mostly sunny on Tuesday as the high temperature tops out at 84 degrees, according to the National Weather Service forecast. Winds will gust to about 16 mph.

On Wednesday in Denver, the high temperature will bump up to 88 degrees under sunny skies and gustier winds, up to 22 mph, the weather service said.

Thursday will be sunny and hotter still in the city with a high temperature of 93 degrees.

The weather should be mostly dry through Thursday, with a chance of stormy weather increasing Friday and through the weekend. The July 4 weekend weather will be hot in Denver with the high temperature hitting about 90 degrees. Some weekend storms may produce heavy rains and local flooding.

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Venus Williams Opens Up About the Fight for Equal Pay at Wimbledon

If we’ve learned anything from Venus Williams since she first stepped on the court at the young age of 14, it’s that she’s completely and utterly fearless. After 26 years of being a professional tennis player, you’d think her greatest career accomplishments would be that she’s won 49 WTA singles titles and 22 doubles, and seven grand slams. But actually, the tennis superstar says her greatest victory is when she got women equal prize money at Wimbledon.

In the mid-2000s she helped to convince the governing bodies of Wimbledon and the French Open to award men and women equal prize money. “That was something we had been working on since the 1960s,” Williams told People. “It was long overdue.” Fighting for human rights and against injustices is something the Olympic gold medal winner has been doing for years — and she’s still using her power to speak up. “Just as sexism is not only a ‘women’s issue,’” she wrote on Instagram, “racism is not only a ‘black issue.’” 

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I am deeply saddened that it has taken multiple acts of police brutality to make people painfully aware of the racism that still pervades America. It shouldn’t. This just scratches the surface of the hideous face of racism in America. Take a moment to imagine this: If police brutality can exist and be tolerated so many years at this scale, imagine the other insidious acts of racism that permeate our country: In the workplace. In the justice system. In the healthcare system. In the education system. … Speaking up about racism in the past was unpopular. It was shunned. No one believed you. Until you have walked in these shoes, as an African American, it is impossible to understand the challenges you face in the country, in this world. What it is like to be unheard, thought of foolish, silly or reckless to believe that racism still exists at every level. This is no longer falling on deaf ears. I’m amazed at the solidarity that has erupted across the USA. It has brought me to tears. In the past, I had the honor of fighting for equal prize money for all women’s players at the grand slams in tennis. To make this even more simple to understand, just as sexism is not only a "women's issue," racism is not only a "black issue." When we fought for and won equal prize money, everyone pitched in, men and women, all colors all races. And we won. When the majority groups stay quiet, when they sit in the chair of disbelief, they unwittingly condone the oppression of marginalized groups. Those with power and privilege actually have an easier time getting heard. They must CONTINUALLY exercise that privilege! We MUST win! We cannot let systematic racism persist. We have to love one another.  Help one another.  Listen to one another, believe one another, even if we don’t understand or will never walk in our neighbor’s shoes. Keep speaking out. Speak out today, tomorrow, next month, next year, each and every day until all is equal for African Americans. I am so happy, so relieved, as an African American, to finally be heard. I pray for those who have lost their lives and for their families so America could finally wake up and act. #blacklivesmatter

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She goes on to say that we need to hire and cast people of color and create opportunities for Black youth before they enter adulthood. “It’s important for me to help give minorities, disadvantaged youth and Black children the opportunity to play sports and have an education—just as I was given those opportunities. In turn, that gives them the opportunity to be excellent.”

Williams has her mom to thank for pushing her to receive an education and explore her talents. “Her support and encouragement is what led me to realize my love for fashion and design and to get degrees in those fields,” she says. Not everyone has a supporter in their life cheering them on from the sidelines like Williams’ mom, but they can look to Williams as a role model who has faith in women to reach their highest potential. 

Like Venus Williams, Beyoncé, Meghan Markle, and more Stars are fighting to change HERstory and fight for equal pay. 

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John Cena Demonstrates How He Warms Up Before a Workout

When it comes to getting the absolute maximum benefits from working out, you can’t overstate the importance of a good warmup and stretch. Following his demonstration of the ‘Van Damme’ split earlier this year, movie star John Cena just appeared in another video on WWE star Sheamus’ YouTube channel, showing off how he gets his lower body ready to train.

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Sheamus says that before they train, Cena “insists on an intense cardio warmup,” which is why they’re both drenched in sweat by the time it comes to the stretch. Cena starts them off with 10 simple hip circles, counting along in Mandarin as he learned these stretching techniques during a visit to China.

They follow that with a lunging stretch aimed at opening up the hip, holding for 10 seconds on each side. Then they stretch out their hamstrings and lower backs with a slow, controlled toe-touch, ensuring their knees stay straight as they lean down. Sheamus struggles on this one, and Cena advises him to focus on just getting comfortable in a folded hanging position first — before showing off how flexible his hulking frame is by basically hinging 180 degrees.

“Your body is not going to get hurt,” Cena insists. “Remember, when your body reaches that point where it tenses up, that’s when you can close your eyes and relax.”

He ups the difficulty with the next few stretches, which focus on the hamstrings and cause Sheamus to start grimacing in pain.

“It’s not about getting to a certain distance,” says Cena, “it’s about getting to where you can go.”

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Political outsider shakes up New York ‘status quo’

A political newcomer in New York has sent a shockwave through the Democratic party establishment by declaring victory over a 31-year incumbent.

Jamaal Bowman, 44, a former Bronx school principal, has a solid lead over Eliot Engel in the 16th district.

His campaign is being likened to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s stunning victory in a neighbouring New York congressional district two years ago.

Final results may take weeks, but Mr Bowman’s lead appears insurmountable.

Tuesday’s primary elections tested the influence of the Democratic left wing at a time when the party’s standard-bearer for November’s presidential election is a moderate, Joe Biden.

As of Wednesday, Mr Bowman had captured 60.7% of the vote, compared to Mr Engel’s 34.7%, according to preliminary figures from the state board of elections.

In the liberal-leaning New York district, whoever wins the primary is all but assured to beat his Republican opponent in autumn’s general election.

“I’m a Black man raised by a single mother in a housing project. That story doesn’t usually end in Congress,” Mr Bowman, 44, tweeted on Wednesday.

“But today, that 11-year-old boy beaten by police is about to be your Representative.

“I can’t wait to get to DC and cause problems for those maintaining the status quo.”

But Mr Engel – who is chairman of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee – did not concede, with his campaign citing a record number of yet-uncounted absentee ballots because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Bowman ran on a platform of racial justice, calling for the defunding of law enforcement, an idea seen by party moderates as too radical this election season.

He won the endorsements of progressive darlings Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Ms Ocasio-Cortez.

Mr Engel, a 16-term congressman, was endorsed by Hillary Clinton, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional Black Caucus.

Mr Engel, 73, did not help himself when he was overheard in early June on a microphone at a news conference devoted to Black Lives Matter saying he had only turned up because of his looming election.

“If I didn’t have a primary,” he said, “I wouldn’t care.”

Ms Ocasio-Cortez herself brushed aside a challenge on Tuesday in her New York City district from former CNBC television anchor Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, 53.

Ms Ocasio-Cortez amassed about 70% of the vote. Her opponent, who was backed by the conservative-leaning US Chamber of Commerce, won less than 20%.

The liberal leading light was a 28-year-old former waitress when she caused a political earthquake two years ago by defeating Joe Crowley, a senior House Democrat who had held the 14th district for two decades.

It was a rewarding night for at least one other black progressive after a primary campaign waged amid anti-racism protests stemming from the police killing of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, last month.

In central Virginia, Cameron Webb decisively beat three white opponents in the primary for a US House seat that Democrats hope to win from Republicans. He would be the first African American physician in Congress if elected in November.

In Kentucky, meanwhile, another black progressive, Charles Booker, hopes to beat establishment favourite Amy McGrath to become the Democratic Senate candidate.

The well-financed Ms McGrath had the edge over Mr Booker in early results, but hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots are outstanding and final results will not be known until next week at the earliest.

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