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Royal rule breaker: The royal rule Kate Middleton, Prince William & Prince Charles ignored

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Being a member of the Royal Family comes with a lot of responsibility, with rules, protocols and traditions to adhere to. Some are taken more seriously than others, with leeway for certain conditions. Often members of The Firm ‘break’ royal rules and one such rule has been flouted by three Royal Family members.

Which royal rule which has been broken by Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Prince Charles?

The Queen has a say over which food is served in her royal kitchens, with some dishes banned from being cooked.

These include any including garlic, excessive onions, rare meat and shellfish.

Garlic and onions are banned due to smelly breath they often cause.

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Royal Family members are cautioned not to eat shellfish due to the chance of getting infection or food poisoning.

Shellfish such as mussels, clams and oysters which are raw or not thoroughly cooked can contain harmful viruses and bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

With the Royal Family’s busy schedules here is no time to get food poisoning and so, prawns, crab, scallops and oysters are avoided where possible.

However, three royals have ignored this rule in public, openly trying raw seafood.

The Duke of Cambridge revealed in September 2018 that he and Kate enjoy eating sushi, despite the famous royal rule.

The revelation came when Prince William was touring new cultural centre Japan House on Kensington High Street.

William tried some salmon sashimi which had been prepared by chef Akira Shimizu.

After proclaiming the sashimi to be “delicious and amazing” the Duke explained his love of sushi.

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He said: “My wife and I love sushi. We might have to come down here for lunch when there’s no one else down.”

Another royal rule William sometimes breaks is to travel with his son Prince George.

Royal traditions stipulate two direct heirs should not travel together, in case of an accident during travel.

It is thought Prince William will not travel with Prince George when he turns 12-years-old.

Another royal to break the shellfish rule was Prince Charles, who in 2013 attended the Whitstable Oyster Festival in Kent and ate the local delicacy.

At the festival, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall tried her hand at Punch and Judy, while Prince Charles had the honour of sampling oysters at a local seafood stall.

Prince Charles joked with photographers who wanted to get a photo of him eating the local delicacy.

The Prince of Wales quipped: “The things I do for England, eating oysters”.

Photos showed the heir to the throne selecting his oyster from a stall before tipping the delicacy into his mouth.

The customary approach to eating oysters is to serve them raw, sometimes accompanied by a lemon wedge or spicy tabasco sauce.

Whitstable is famous for its native oyster, and they have been popular since Roman times.

Oysters are farmed seasonally and are only available between September and April.

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